Category: Core Beliefs

Our Core Beliefs: Lots of Questions

Our content will have two foundations – facts and questions. You will find research and links to supporting materials. We will utilize public records and other available information. You will not see us use “unnamed sources,” like pretend-news blogs have been doing in the past few months.

Our Core Beliefs: Anti-Extremism

If you’re an extremist – on the right or left – this will likely not be the site for you. From the horrific events of Jan. 6 on the right, to the hyper-progressive “blow it up” mentality we’ve seen right here in Leon County, we think even Barry Goldwater would rethink his famous “extremism in the defense of liberty is no vice” quote.

Our Core Beliefs: Nothing is Simple

Problems are not solved by pressing a big red button, but rather by a combination of buttons, dials, levers and commands. The way things are communicated can be as important as the communicated information itself.

Our Core Beliefs: Free Markets

This isn’t about runway growth or silly demagoguery like “we’re becoming Orlando.” But it is about adding a third leg to the Tallahassee stool that is in proper proportion. We can be a college town, a state capital AND have a strong private sector and still maintain the amazing quality of life that we all hold dear.

Our Core Beliefs: Exposing Oxymorons

Two forces have joined hands and frankly, it doesn’t make sense. Anti-growth forces have joined up with far-left progressives to create an oxymoronic couple. Why oxymoronic? Because the way local government gets its funding (and allows progressives to solve so many problems through public sector action) is through property tax revenues!

Our Core Beliefs: Building a Clean Economy

Wouldn’t it be amazing if our community became part of the solution to issues such as climate change, pollution and more? Wouldn’t it be a shame if those who oppose growth at every turn won the battle here in Tallahassee, but lost the planetary war by stunting this type of research and growth?

Our Core Beliefs: We Love Tallahassee

Let’s say it again: We love Tallahassee, for what it is, what it could be and what it has been. We love this place similar to the way we love our friends – our affection isn’t diminished even when recognizing their deepest flaws and worst moments. We have an abiding sense that our community can do better.