Author: fourtlhadmin

Anti-growth? Then you’re also anti-plumber

“Greedy developer.” It’s the refrain of Leon County’s anti-growth forces who want every new housing project painted as supplying a developer a third boat or fourth house. It has been used to stifle new...

TMH, FSU team up for a huge win

Two of Tallahassee’s most gleaming, grand institutions are Tallahassee Memorial Hospital and Florida State University. There is another great hospital and two other institutions of higher learning in town, but today we want to...

Matlow’s minimum wage hypocrisy

Tallahassee City Commissioner Jeremy Matlow continues to aggressively push for the quick adoption of a $15—or higher—minimum wage for city workers, Amazon employees and basically anybody else who punches in, including high school soccer...

Exposing Oxymorons: Summit East Development

Just north of I-10 at the Mahan Drive interchange sits Summit East Technology Park. It’s the kind of office park that is easy on the eyes and has become a part of the landscape for those commuting in from the direction of Monticello. It has office space. A hotel. A restaurant.

Our Core Beliefs: Lots of Questions

Our content will have two foundations – facts and questions. You will find research and links to supporting materials. We will utilize public records and other available information. You will not see us use “unnamed sources,” like pretend-news blogs have been doing in the past few months.