Another local progressive conspiracy theory down the drain

Yet another local progressive conspiracy theory down the drain.

The far left has created a Trumpian Tallahassee “Deep State,” which includes basically whichever group or constituency has the temerity to oppose a radical progressive agenda.

The latest inductees into the Capitol Deep State were a group of primarily African American leaders who were invited to Mayor John Dailey’s house to discuss $1 million in funding the city set aside to deal with gun violence.

Progressives don’t like it when African American leaders fail to tow the ideological line (when they don’t they call them “dumb little bastards,” like far left ringleader Max Herrle did in a text to Kristin Dozier, referring to African American sitting county commissioners Nick Maddox).

So, they criticized the meeting as invitation only (is there any other kind) and secret. And they breathlessly concluded that the organizations represented by the people at the meetings would get all of the funding.

Dozier put her accusation in the form of a question: “Did the mayor hand-pick certain groups to be there, and then those groups, you know, made their way into the agenda recommendations?”

And we still haven’t stopped chuckling about City Commissioner Jack Porter’s innovative new “no preconceived notion” test for commission meetings. She told WFSU: “Elected officials coming into meetings with preconceived notions about what is going to happen is a bad way to serve the public.”

Presumably Porter doesn’t read city agendas or talk to constituents before meetings. And if she does, she doesn’t actually draw any conclusions about the work of staff or the input of residents, lest she heinously form a “preconceived notion.”

In all seriousness, this shows the reflexive nature of local progressives’ chronic criticism – it just comes out whether it makes any sense or not.

Anyway, back to the “secret” meeting. Not attending the meeting with the mayor was a local collation of religious organizations, which was touting the Gun Violence Initiative (GVI) program which has taken hold in cities across the U.S. who are struggling with violent crime.

So, guess which program got the biggest chunk of the funding?

GVI, of course.

It turns out the mayor was doing what good leaders do – listening to constituents, learning about programs, weighing options and then using that information to make an informed decision when the commission meeting convenes.

It’s another big loss for the naysaying, criticize everything crowd that reflexively sees everything as a conspiracy.

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