What we believe: UPDATED

We thought it might be a good time to update you on what we believe in and stand for.

Some folks have claimed they have been “attacked” by 4TLH.

Often, “attacked” is roughly translated to: “pointed out positions we have taken or decisions we have made that aren’t popular.”

We haven’t called anybody a name or said anything untrue.

But judge for yourself – here is an update on where we stand on the local and national issues of the day:


We believe extremism is killing the republic.

We believe far right extremism, which led to the despicable events of Jan. 6, are a threat to the very foundation of democracy.

We believe far left extremism, such as what we have seen locally, has contributed to Tallahassee’s legacy of poverty, crime, and lack of forward progress.

We believe doubling down on these policies – which some currently running for office are doing – will further damage our economy and sentence Tallahassee to continued social and economic decline.

We believe that a good way to identify extremists is when they attack moderates in their own party.


We believe the decline in the level of public discourse is a national problem, which began to deteriorate most significantly during the Trump era.

Locally, however, we believe it has been perpetuated by those on the far left and began most prominently when Commissioner Jeremy Matlow penned this piece that attacked a wide range of distinguished business leaders in a breathtaking display of guilt by association. Since then, the far-left brigade has engaged in relentless attacks.

We believe the low point of these attacks was when a sitting African American county commissioner was called a “dumb little bastard” by key Matlow ally/adviser Max Herrle in a text to mayoral candidate Kristin Dozier. Matlow has never publicly admonished Herrle for the text and Dozier’s response that she “can’t control what other people say” was wholly unsatisfactory.

We believe there are good things happening in our community.

We believe a good way to judge leaders is whether they embrace good news, or only focus on the bad.


We believe the far left progressives in town are trying to distract residents with false claims of “guilt by association” so that their actual far-left, radical positions are obscured.

We believe that the Tallahassee police force should not be defunded to the extent that the number of officers would be cut in half.

We believe stealing from businesses and urinating in public should not be legalized.

We don’t believe the city should decriminalize drug use and petty crime.

We believe, unlike Commissioner Jack Porter, that we need more jobs in our area, and that the arrival of Amazon is a major positive development.

We also believe the FSU/TMH collaboration on a new medical center will be a giant economic boost for our market.


We believe if extremists take control of local government, that Tallahassee will begin a descent that has already been experienced in places like San Francisco, Portland, and other bastions of far-left progressivism. In those cities, stores are forced to closed because of unchecked shoplifting and public safety is disintegrating.

We believe the best tonic for our nation’s problems is a return to civility and compromise.

We don’t believe we’ve done anything on this site that is contrary to that last statement.

We believe in a balance between growth and quality of life; between the private and public sectors; between leading and listening.

We believe that extremism is a clear threat to our nation and our community.

And most of all, we believe in the future and potential of the great city of Tallahassee.

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