Hey Tallahassee, how about some good news!

Feeling a little down about Tallahassee?

It’s an easy place to end up. Too many so-called leaders in the capital city spend their time attacking pretty much everything that moves and ignoring our city’s positive traits for no other reason than to advance their political agenda.

Their targets include pretty much every major institution in town – FSU, local government, the local business community and on and on.

Today, we’re here to buck you up. To make sure you’re aware of all the positive things happening in our community.

And these aren’t just the things that are “evergreen” positive traits – our amazing quality of life, our fantastic institutions of higher education and more.

These are exciting, new attributes, projects and features we should all be crowing about.

Affordable housing

Did you know there are currently 1,900 affordable housing units in the pipeline in Tallahassee? If you don’t think that’s a lot, what if we told you that was more than the past 25 years combined! This is a result of a targeted develop incentive that encourages builders to offer more affordable options.

Clean (and cheap) energy

Tallahassee has provided nearly $2 million in residential and commercial energy efficiency loans to 245 recipients and $1 million in rebates and grants to 4,014 recipients for energy-efficient efforts including materials/appliances. Work continues to reach the goal of 100% net clean, renewable energy by 2050 with progress on the Clean Energy Plan.  Also, because Tallahassee owns and operates its own utility, average residential electric bills in Tallahassee are just above $100 and remain well below the state average.

Growing jobs

The list of projects expected to generate new jobs is growing fast. Amazon will bring 1,000 jobs at an average wage of $18 an hour. The City broke ground on the International Processing Facility and is in negotiations with North American Aerospace Industries and Burrell Aviation to locate at the airport and create a combined 1,723 permanent and 1,400 construction jobs

The city has issued permits for approximately 463,000 square feet of new commercial space and has added 9,218 more jobs in the second quarter of 2022 compared to the second quarter of 2021. Tallahassee’s unemployment rate has dropped to 2.7% from 4.4% over the same period noted above.

Southside focus

The Southside Action Plan is bringing infrastructure improvements, new businesses, and new housing to the area. In FY22, over $400 million of public funding was invested in Southside infrastructure and other projects. These investments will spur additional private investment and opportunities for residents, such as SoMo Walls, a 33,000-square-foot commercial site.

Taking care of city employees

The city is proposing a 5% across-the-board raise for employees, with a guaranteed minimum increase of $2,500.

Low taxes

The city hasn’t raised its tax rate for seven years running and remains the lowest of the 25 largest cities in Florida

Do you feel better after that dose of positivity? We do too.

It’s really a shame too many people in our town create negative storylines to divert your attention from all of the good things happening in our beloved community.

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