Flying insects, an expired license and diseases, oh my!

If Jeremy Matlow can’t run a restaurant without putting people’s lives in danger, how can he run a city?

Matlow is an owner of The Iron Daisy.

That restaurant was recently subject to a random inspection by the Department of Health.

If you are eating something, you might want to read this later.

The Aug. 2 inspection revealed problems so serious that the health department ruled “administrative action recommended.” That’s one of the highest-level findings shy of immediate shutdown of the restaurant.

One of the findings was that the Iron Daisy failed to report to the Health Department that one of its employees had dangerously transmittable disease. On the list of possible diseases were Typhoid fever, E. coli or Hepatitis.

Health department investigators also encountered flying insects throughout the restaurant, including in food prep areas.

Perhaps his employees aren’t qualified to keep up with basic health department regulations because he doesn’t pay them  as much as he argues City of Tallahassee employees should be making.

Also included in the findings was that The Iron Daisy didn’t even have an operating license.

If you don’t think that’s enough evidence of mismanagement, you should know that the exact same issue was found this time last year.

Sadly, this lines up with Matlow’s history of mismanagement. He failed to pay his business taxes on time on multiple occasions. Below is one where a tax warrant was issued because he was so late.

Jeremy Matlow wants to keep managing our city when he can’t pay high enough wages to keep his customers safe, doesn’t pay his taxes on time and doesn’t have his restaurants properly licensed?

Unlike the bugs in his restaurants, that just doesn’t fly.

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