We are fighting the face of local extremism

We launched 4TLH with an express mission of combatting extremism.

So, you’ll understand that we got a good chuckle when we read Jeremy Matlow — apparently not as some sort of parody — claim that he is being targeted locally by extremists.

Let’s talk about some actual policies Matlow allies support and see what you think.

As we detailed in this piece, Matlow’s friends and allies support all sorts of crazy, beyond-extreme policies such as:

  • Legalizing petty theft, which could include stealing anything up to $700 in value.
  • Government seizure of vacant homes to convert them into homeless shelters.
  • A government-run clothing store providing free shoes to anyone who wants them.
  • Free rooftop solar to every single Tallahassee resident.
  • A massive defunding of police, reducing the number of officers on the street by roughly 60 percent.
  • Giving a civilian review board the power to fire Tallahassee police officers.

And Matlow thinks his opponents are the extremists?

Here are some stories we’ve written that Matlow (and his friend Commissioner Kristin Dozier, for that matter) would prefer you not know about:

And Matlow has to own that he voted against the hugely popular Children’s Services Council, which has already awarded money to groups such as the Pace Center for Girls, the Boys and Girls Club, Oasis Center for Women and Girls and Second Harvest of the Big Bend.

Others around the state have picked up on Matlow’s Trumpian tactics. He loves to paint a picture of Tallahassee’s “Deep State” and depict fellow Democrats as right wing.

But when it’s his allies like Dozier buying a house from J.T. Burnette and then reselling it at a huge gain, or when he’s the one pictured campaigning with indicted political ally Andrew Gillum, somehow the guilt-by associations don’t matter.

And pay close attention to Matlow’s misdirection. He ominously intoned in a recent op-ed that a David Bellamy campaign consultant is “Maddox-connected.” Let’s break it down:

Consultant Reggie Cardozo worked briefly for Maddox but left before the FBI investigation even began. Since then, he served state political director for Barrack Obama and Hillary Clinton. Are they right-wing extremists too? Oh, and guess who also worked for Cardozo? Ryan Ray, Matlow’s current aide!

Matlow claims right-wing extremists are trying to take him out, but when you are truly an extremist, even moderates look extreme. The people he’s talking about are Democrats, for crying out loud!

Why is Jeremy Matlow pretending Marjorie Taylor Green is about to take power in Leon County?

It’s because he’s hoping you don’t pay attention to his record of extremism and divisiveness.

Lee Hinkle is a co-founder of 4TLH.org. She was formerly the Vice President of University Relations at Florida State University. She is a registered Democrat.

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