When will mainstream Democrats push back against far-left attacks?

If you are a Leon County Democrat, you need to know they are coming after you.

And we’re not talking about Republicans.

The far-left radicals trying to take over local government said the quiet part out loud recently.

Check out this tweet:

Damon Victor is a far-left progressive running for Leon County commissioner against Rick Minor, who is a lifelong Democrat.

Victor is quoting a piece from Jeff Vandermeer, an outspoken supporter of Jeremy Matlow, Victor and the radical cabal of candidates aligned with all sorts of extreme positions, such as legalizing petty theft and public urination and reducing the number of TPD officers by more than half.

What’s telling here is this phrase: “run outside of the Democratic Party apparatus.”

It’s a reminder that the people being attacked by Matlow and company are … Democrats!

John Dailey – Democrat.

Nick Maddox – Democrat.

David Bellamy – Democrat.

Dianne Williams-Cox – Democrat.

Rick Minor – Democrat.

Most of these folks have been Democrats all their political life.

Yet, how are they described by the Matlow attack mob?



It’s true:

There are extremists we need to fear – the Jan. 6 mob is a good start as are the disgusting white supremacists who have been seen in our own backyard.

But do we really think David Bellamy is an extremist? His campaign web site has all sorts of “crazy” policies like: combatting poverty, supporting job growth and, oh by the way, he opposed the Doak funding.

Dianne Williams-Cox is some sort of far-right radical? She advocates for revitalizing neighborhoods, improving the environment and supporting a living wage for city employees.

Calling mainstream Democrats radical and then pushing far-left candidates has been a losing formula for Democrats in Florida for years.

Heck, to show the insanity of it all, here was a response to Matlow’s laughable tweet about not electing extremists to the City Commission:

Uh, hello? Apparently this Matlow supporter doesn’t know that Matlow’s opponent is a Democrat as are most of the people Matlow and his vicious band of social media attack dogs have been demonizing.

In other words, you can “Vote Blue” and not support the type of socialism with which Matlow has allied himself.

Leon County Democrats: this is your chance to take your local party back. These radicals are eating their young by demonizing lifelong Democrats and insinuating they are somehow far-right extremists who shouldn’t be in the party.

The Williams-Coxes, Daileys, Minors and Bellamys of the world aren’t extreme.

But their critics are.

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