Legalized petty theft? City-run clothing store? Matlow far-left allies show their extreme colors

We’ve been warning you about the prospect of Tallahassee becoming the next San Francisco.

If you are doubting that possibility, we’d like to show you what our community would look like if the far-left extremists win.

Here is a list of policies that are being advocated by local allies of progressive politicians such as Commissioner Jeremy Matlow.

Read them with two questions in mind: 1) Do these sound like mainstream policies you could support? 2) How much do you think they would cost and how much would your taxes be raised to pay for them?

Ready? Here we go.

  1. Decriminalizing petty crimes, which would include stealing anything valued under $750.
  2. Seizing vacant houses from their owners and using them as temporary homeless shelters
  3. Creating a city-run clothing “store” that provides new clothing and shoes – for free – to any city resident who wants them
  4. Opening a city-run grocery store
  5. Providing rooftop solar panels to any city resident who wants them – for free.
  6. Building sidewalks on both sides of every single street in Tallahassee.
  7. Closing all youth suspension centers.
  8. Giving the power to fire police officers to a citizen panel. This panel would also have subpoena power over the department and would have the power to rewrite department hiring guidelines.
  9. Ending the cash bail system.
  10. Forbidding police from enforcing public urination ordinances

Can you imagine how much money it would take to fulfill this list? Hundreds and hundreds of millions, maybe even billions of dollars?

This list should scare anyone who believes in moderate, left-center, mainstream approaches to policy. And there are more where these came from, thanks to a group called the Tallahassee Community Action Committee, which has close ties to Tallahassee Commissioner Jeremy Matlow.

These policies are right there for all to read on this organization’s website.

Here are some questions Commissioner Matlow should answer:

Do you agree with any or all of these policies? If so, which ones?

Matlow is clearly cozy with TCAC – he’s held multiple Facebook live events in partnership with the group and invited TCAC Communications Director Delilah Pierre on to the call.

Pierre is also a member of “Freedom Road Socialist Organization,” which has its own interesting array of policies and positions, including:

Matlow’s aide Ryan Ray is an unabashed socialist, named as the communications director of something called the Tallahassee Democratic Socialists.

As we have already shared, these far-left policies are proven failures. The backlash in San Francisco and other bastions of socialism is palpable and real.

We said at our founding that we are anti-extremists. The events of Jan. 6 were horrific, indefensible and a threat to our democracy. But just because terrible things happen on one end of the political spectrum doesn’t mean things on the other end of the spectrum are hunky dory.

The extremists trying to take power in this town are ready to run the San Francisco playbook. There are using a single issue to divide this community and hoping you don’t notice a wide array of extreme positions they hold dear.

They are positions that, quite simply, will ruin our great city.

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