You won’t believe what Matlow and Dozier voted against

You can’t hide from your votes.

And you can’t rationalize them away, either.

In February, Commissioners Kristin Dozier and Jeremy Matlow, the leaders of the “against everything” crowd, voted against a long list of important community projects, some of which benefitted the south side of Tallahassee. They made a choice to put at risk more than $100 million of taxpayer-approved projects and risk higher interest rates.

Projects like these:

Particularly painful for resident of south Tallahassee is to see that Matlow, Dozier and others opposed the Airport Gateway, a key new artery that will connect FAMU Way with the airport and provide a boost to economic development in that area.

Matlow and Dozier also voted against improvements to the North Florida Fairgounds, which is steeped in civil rights history, as detailed in a marker erected there in 2018. This has been a project championed by Commissioner Bill Proctor, a long-time advocate for the south side of town.

Dozier’s vote against the Innovation Park was especially galling since she served on that board and even had the audacity to show up at a ribbon cutting for the project she voted against.

And friends of animals will be dismayed to know that Dozier and Matlow voted against a new animal service center.

Also included: a long-anticipated park in northeast Tallahassee and Bannerman Road widening that needed to happen 10 years ago, much less be delayed any further.

Now, if Matlow and Dozier had prevailed, two things would have happened:

  1. These projects would have been stopped in their tracks.
  2. It would have cost Leon County taxpayers a whopping $10 million!

Dozier and Matlow explain their votes away by saying that they wanted Doak separated from the other projects for a straight up-and-down vote. That’s nice, but it’s not how governance and leadership work.

Doak was NOT separated.

So, Dozier and Matlow and others had a choice:  vote against this group of projects or not.

They CHOSE to vote against animals, the fairgrounds, midtown, the southside and Bannerman because of their zealous anger toward a single project.

Being a leader means making compromises. It’s exceedingly rare when a piece of legislation or an ordinance is perfect.

If you decide to vote against something because it isn’t perfect, you have to own it.

So, we say it again – Commissioners Matlow and Dozier voted against a long list of important projects.

They let the perfect be the enemy of the public good.

And they need to own it.

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