Why are some criticizing city reorg as wasteful? (spoiler: it saved money)

The “against everything” crowd is now embarrassing themselves.

Among other things, they don’t know the difference between a promotion and a raise.

And their demagoguery knows no boundaries.

Case in point is the reorganization of staff by Tallahassee City Manager Reese Goad.

Local media breathlessly reported that the changes led to $225k in “raises.”

This was amplified by an array of officials and candidates:

City commission candidate Adner Marcelin: I think that it’s just unconscionable how we can justify $30,000 to $60,000 raises and we simply cannot take care of the basic individuals that keep the city running every single day. 

City Commissioner Jeremy Matlow tweeted this:

 Current County Commissioner and Mayoral Candidate Kristin Dozier seems to be confused as well:

So, when you read these, do you conclude that the city is paying more for salaries than it was before the reorganization?

Guess what?


Payroll, in the wake of these organizational changes, DROPPED!

Let’s break it down.

Here are the new positions to which city employees were promoted and the salary increases they received.

Those increases from old position to new totaled $225,714.

But, what the critics leave out is this – Goad eliminated two positions!

So, what was the end result of those “raises?”

A reduction of payroll by more than $130,000.

Whitley is a prime example. His predecessor in the role of Director of Strategic Innovation, Chris Doolin, made $137,773.

Whitley, who moved into that same position, will be making $130,000 — $7,773 or about 6 percent less.

And by the way, the average Tallahassee assistant city manager’s is almost right on the average ACM salaries in other Florida cities.

One of the problems is a basic understanding of the difference between getting a raise in your current position and bring promoted to a higher position.

This is most plainly seen in the sports world, when assistant coaches get hired by different programs as the head coach – nobody says those coaches got a “raise,” for heaven’s sake.

For example, when Kirby Smart was an assistant at Alabama he made $1.5 million/year. When he was hired away to a head coaching job at Georgia, that leapt to $3.5 million, a more than doubling of his salary. Only a fool would say Smart got a “raise.” It was a different position.

Here is a handy chart showing the difference between a promotion and raise. Perhaps Marcelin, Matlow, Porter and Dozier could read this before their predictable demagoguery. 

We also can’t help but chuckle at Commissioner Jack Porter’s nerve when criticizing Whitley’s lack of qualifications:

Fortunately for Porter, voters didn’t apply the same test to her when they voted in the last election.

Of course, what’s really happening here is the “against everything” crowd is defined by trying to tear down people and institutions. 

From small businesses, to FSU, to city employees, to Blueprint, to builders, to the Children Services Council, to the court system, to African American politicians and more – it’s a “tear it down” mentality that values personal destruction over moving our community forward. 

They are counting on bullying Tallahassee into silence.

But we won’t be bullied and neither should you. 

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