TMH, FSU team up for a huge win

Two of Tallahassee’s most gleaming, grand institutions are Tallahassee Memorial Hospital and Florida State University.

There is another great hospital and two other institutions of higher learning in town, but today we want to make sure you saw the massive news of an incredible new collaboration between TMH and FSU that could change the face of this town forever.

What is being created by this partnership is amazing.

But before we get to that, let’s just stop and acknowledge the partnership itself.

The county’s largest public and private sector employers found a way to come together and turn a complex dream into a reality. There were a million reasons something like this could go wrong, but the leadership of these two organizations found a way to work together and get it done.

A lot of other folks in town could learn from this example.

But let’s talk about one more thing – the need for local and state governments in our city to have a constructive working relationship so that Tallahassee/Leon aren’t completely frozen out of the state funding process.

Now, before you howl, this doesn’t mean that our local governmental leaders have to kowtow to state leaders who clearly have much different ideological priorities. But it does mean that disagreement needs to happen agreeably.

It means that an open line of communication and some sort of level of trust must exist to make sure our market isn’t automatically disqualified from these types of projects.

This is not some microscopic eye of the needle that must be threaded – and this project is proof of that.

So, let’s talk about the specifics of this project.

The new FSU Health Tallahassee Medical Center will offer advanced training and research and strive to become the academic health center of the future.

The project is funded by $125 million approved by the Florida Legislature and signed by Gov. Ron DeSantis.

The economic impact of this project is earth-shaking – conservative preliminary estimates put it at $217 million … PER YEAR. The center will support, directly or indirectly, a whopping 1,500 jobs. For comparison, that’s more than half the economic impact expected from Amazon’s  gigantic new facility off Mahan Drive.

The center will feature a combination of research as well as training new workers to have the tools and skills needed to compete in a 21st century economy.

The five-floor facility will feature a whopping 130,00 square foot of space.

In addition to the actual edifice and the jobs and the economic impact, let’s not forget the brand boost this will have for our community. This project should also help with talent retention, among other things.

Finally, isn’t it nice to have good news to celebrate?

We seem to be really good in this market at pointing out our shortcomings, but this is a gargantuan win for which we should all be proud and pleased.

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