What is 4TLH?

What is 4TLH?

We are a 501(c)4. We designed to educate and inform. We believe in Tallahassee’s future. We are optimists. We are “for” things more than we are “against” things. We evaluate issues independently. We view policy makers as more than just their view on one issue. 

We believe in the power of the private sector. We believe in the power of the public sector. And we believe Tallahassee is strongest when those two sectors are in appropriate balance. 

Let’s talk about what we aren’t, because attempts to pigeonhole us will be futile. We aren’t left or right, red or blue – our two founders are a woman and man, a Republican and a Democrat. We aren’t ideologues. We aren’t radicals. We aren’t dug in, to the point that we never change our minds on anything.

Our view of the landscape

Right now, the private and public sectors are simply are not in balance. Our private sector isn’t growing. Of the 33 most populous counties in Florida, Leon County’s population growth ranks 32nd – next to last – in the past 10 years. The old saying “if you’re not growing, you’re dying” is unfortunately true in a literal sense in Tallahassee – crime and poverty have run rampant. The best antidote for those two plagues – job growth and rising property values (which mean local government coffers flush with property tax revenue) – are fought at every turn.

Tallahassee’s business community is currently being demonized, suppressed and trivialized by those who want to consolidate power even further in local government. 

We believe the best path forward for Tallahassee is a re-energized private sector, working productively with local government. We fervently believe we can grow jobs and still maintain the amazing quality of life so many of our residents enjoy. We want it all. We believe more in “and” than “or.” And we will be entering the community’s marketplace of ideas to make our case.

Who supports 4TLH?

Anyone can and here is how to contribute. We set this up as a 501(c)4 for two reasons: 1) We don’t want this to be a hyper-partisan, political endeavor. It will truly be educational, informative and fact-based. 2) We want people to be able to make donations confidentially. So many attacks are levied against financial supporters of all sorts of causes – this is a safe haven for those who agree with some or all of our views and beliefs. Our initial donors are from all walks of life and share one thing – an abiding love for this community the call home.

Is this a news site?

Absolutely not. We have set a of beliefs, stated above and elsewhere on this site, and we will be presenting facts, data and opinions that advance those beliefs. 

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