Our Core Beliefs: Free Markets

For too long, Tallahassee has surrendered to the idea that it is just a “government town.” 

We reject this thinking and believe it is to blame for the chronic crime and poverty that has plagued our community for far too long. There are countless American capital cities/college towns with burgeoning private sectors – Raleigh, Nashville, Little Rock and Richmond, to name a few. 

You would think the constriction of state government jobs would change this mindset, but it hasn’t. 

Now is the time to shift gears. This isn’t about runway growth or silly demagoguery like “we’re becoming Orlando.” But it is about adding a third leg to the Tallahassee stool that is in proper proportion. We can be a college town, a state capital AND have a strong private sector and still maintain the amazing quality of life that we all hold dear.

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