Our Core Beliefs: We Love Tallahassee

Let’s say it again: We love Tallahassee, for what it is, what it could be and what it has been. We love this place similar to the way we love our friends – our affection isn’t diminished even when recognizing their deepest flaws and worst moments. We have an abiding sense that our community can do better. 

Our optimism isn’t driven or trumped by a specific ideology. What’s best for Tallahassee isn’t measured in reds or blues but by specific policies, facts, the tone of our discourse, accountability and more. 

Generally, it’s easier to be against things than for them. It’s easier to attack than to reason. It’s easier to stoke emotion than cultivate logic. So, what we will be doing isn’t easy.

Optimism might not be trendy, but we choose it anyway. Join us!

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